Being a Career Chooser: the Unknown

Hi Reader! Thank you coming back to my blog 🤗 I’m glad you have taken an interest in reading my experiences and stories. I think and hope that in some way, today’s post is very relatable especially to those in their mid to late 20s.

I recently paid a visit to some of my good friends on New Years Day and we got to talking about my goals for this coming year. I’m going to keep their names anonymous for now… until they say it’s okay for me to mention them. (If you’re reading this, hi).

I actually took some time yesterday to jot down what I’m grateful for, my affirmations, and my top five (5) goals in my planner for this 2019 year. I had time to think about it and could only come up with four (4) but that’s okay. I have a whole year to figure out one more to achieve.

Here is my list:

  1. Be active at least three (3) times a week.
  2. Dedicating/Spending more time with close friends (i.e. Happy Hour, hosting Game Night, Wine Night, Movie Night, etc).
  3. Decreasing my debt in half including all major credit card(s) and student loans.
  4. Contribute $20 to the Bear Fund each month (& finding other avenues to save). [The Bear Fund is savings that my boyfriend and I keep for any future adventures we may have coming down the pipe].

In that list you may have notice that I did not mention anything career or job wise. That’s because I’m going through this weird time in my life; at least weird for someone like me, who has always been so sure, still debating what I want to do and where I’m trying to go. 

Have you ever felt like that? In your mid-20s, you thought “I’m going to get my degree by this age, get my dream job at this age, find someone, fall in love, getting married at this age and having kids at this age.” Let emphasize that for you I haven’t already – THIS AGE! What is “this age?” Why is it that we have this particular number in our minds that we must meet this thing by this date? 

I’ll tell you this: more than half of the people in their 20s don’t actually meet those expectations by the age they thought they would. And again, that’s okay. In talking with my friends, there was a comment that stuck out to me the most: “I don’t know what I want to do. I just don’t know.” It’s a simple statement, right? Yet it breeds heart-felt words. 

I want to reassure all you readers in your 20s; it’s okay to not know. We’re still finding ourselves and what we like and what we don’t like. This applies to jobs, careers, relationships, yourself, etc. I understand. I find it common to hear among our age group that individuals are having a tough time finding out what they want to do; finding jobs that could lead to a potential life-long career. 

There have been plenty of times that I thought I was sure of what I wanted as a career at this age. Be mindful, I’m only 26 years old. Let me bullet point it out for you peeps:

  • When I was in elementary school, we had to do this arts and crafts project where we described what we wanted to be when we grew up. I said I wanted to be a doctor. 
  • Before starting high school, I was so sure that I wanted to go to nursing school after I graduated, that I took five (5) years of science and four (4) years of math just to impress the colleges with hopes that they will accept me early into their nursing programs.
  • In the middle of my senior year, I was turned away from a few colleges because I had applied as a nursing major and unfortunately, that major was impacted. 
  • During my senior year however, instead of taking a regular history course, I took a Political Science course at Mesa College which covered my government credit for the year as well my first college credits before entering higher education. In that time, I had never been so fascinated with the subject. When I was accepted into Cal State San Marcos, I changed my major to Poli Sci with hopes of law school after I graduate.
  • After the four years of college, I was moments away from receiving my B.A. in Poli Sci, I came to this realization that I chose a major that was not practical unless I went to graduate school. Well, I knew prior to entering college but it didn’t really hit me until graduation was approaching. If I really wanted to go law school straight out of my undergrad, I would’ve put forth the effort to study for the LSATs to get in. Instead I chose a different title but stayed in the same field: Paralegalism. 
  • It was my last semester of classes at Cal State San Marcos but my first semester of classes for the Paralegal Program at San Diego Miramar College. I took a few classes and decided to take a break from school entirely for one year to work. I was lucky enough to get job utilizing my skills straight out of my undergrad.
  • I went back to school in 2016 to continue and finish up the Paralegal Program. I am now approaching my very last semester and I can’t WAIT to graduate. 

But here we are… I always said that I wanted to work in a law firm. So far that hasn’t happened. I’m very grateful for the job experiences I have encountered over the last several years. They have taught me a lot about working for big corporate companies to medium size companies to even sole proprietors. And in case you’re wondering, I am in a position where I am utilizing legal skills. It’s just not in a law firm. 

I think it’s been for the better. I am finding there are other careers and/or long term jobs that utilize my skill set so that not all is loss from what I’ve gained in the program. There are plenty of other fields that require legality work and that’s what I enjoy the most. Learning different parts of law in different situations in different fields. 

We all enjoy different things. My best advice to anyone who’s hung up or pinned down on a specific career choice; keep an open mind. What you think that you want as a long-term choice may not be what you want in a couple of years. 

I’ve had friends who changed their career choices over the last several years. I had one friend who went to school to be an engineer; he ends up being a teacher instead. I also have another friend who majored in biology, wanted to be a pharmacist, and has now considered going into the accounting field. I have another friend who went to law school like she said she would and then had a breakdown because she was so overwhelm and wasn’t sure anymore… She was only two months away from graduating with her JD. 

It goes to show that not everyone is entirely sure. As I said, we all enjoy different things. I think the individuals ones who don’t have to think about being sure are the ones who are probably enjoying, in the moment, what they are doing. And I want you as a reader to experience the same. I hope that you find (if not already) what you love to do. It’s hard but when that day comes, you won’t even feel it because you’ll be busy enjoying it. It sounds like an amazing feeling and I can’t wait to get there as well. Until then, try new things, figure out what you like and don’t like and proceed from there. Life is too short to not be doing the things you love and/or interest you. Remember, it’s okay to not know right now. You will get there. 

Until the next post,

Warmest love and support,


Relatable + Empathetic (2019)

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