Being NOT Taken for Granted

Happy Hump Day Reader! HUMMPP DAYYYY. *insert camel now 🙂 I hope you’ve been having an amazing week so far. If you’re from San Diego, hope you’re staying dry. If you’re not from San Diego, hope you’re staying dry 😛 

I’ve been wanting to write this post for few days now but haven’t had a chance to just sit down and write my thoughts. Instead I’ve been running into situations that enhanced my feelings to write this post so I’m finally getting the chance to put this out there. 

These thoughts came to me over the weekend. Some of you may follow my boyfriend Tony on Instagram and you may have seen him snowboarding over this past weekend with our friend Hector. Of course, I did not participate in that trip. I was at home, running errands, doing grocery shopping, laundry; the typical “adulting” over the weekend. And a thought and/or memories popped into my head while I was taking our clothes from the dryer into our baskets, throwing our other load of clothes into the dryer, and another load of clothes into the washer. 

My initial thought was that I do the laundry and cook a lot. Now don’t take this the wrong way; I’m okay with doing both mines and Tony’s laundry + cooking for us on the weekdays. Trust me. I typically get home before Tony and want to start on laundry because it’ll give us more time to spend together. I also love being in the kitchen and cooking. I know Tony is very appreciative of it but that’s my point; he’s appreciative.

The memories of my mom and dad started boggling my mind. To give you a little background of my parents: they are no longer together but I love them as their own individual being. Their relationship just fell apart for various reasons and I came to a more clear understanding as I got older. 

Both of my parents worked full time. My dad had a full time job working from Monday through Saturday and my mom had a full time job as well working Monday through every other Saturday. So Sundays were more of our family days. My dad took care of all the bills including the rent, water, electricity, internet/cable, groceries, etc while my mother did more cleaning in the household, cooking every night and doing the laundry despite that she had her own income. 

When my mother went through a series of downfall incidents with her finances, my dad initially refused to help her pay off her debts but eventually he came around and did. And when my mother went through ill hardship and was incapable of doing a lot of her day to day routines, my dad had to really learn how to be on his own and doing things for himself. Not saying he didn’t know how but he was not used it. The best way to put this post in perspective: my parents took each other for granted. They both felt it when things started to fall apart. They say if you take someone for granted, it’s only a matter of time until their taken away. 

Seeing that my parents went through that, I’ve learned to not take advantage of people and not to take my close loved ones for granted. These are the people who have always been there for me, been supportive and didn’t turn the cheek when I needed them the most and I’m very grateful for that. 

I want you to think of a time that you were ever taken for granted. Look at yourself now. Good for you for not letting it continue. You are someone who deserves to be appreciated for all you do for another person, persons, and thing. If you’re living on your own and you still visit your parents or take them out to lunch/dinner, awesome! If you tell your family and friends that you love them, great! If you still say “excuse me,” “please,” and/or “thank you,” amazing! If you can tell yourself you’re grateful for this life you have and it’s a blessing to be alive, bitchin’! Don’t take for granted what you have, big or small. It just may not be there one day. 

Here’s a challenge for the day: If there is someone close to you that has done a lot for you and you really appreciate it; tell them that. They should hear it from you. I preach words of affirmation for others especially if they’ve done right for you and by you. There’s nothing more warming to the heart by telling others you care about that they are loved and appreciated. Let me know how this goes for you via message, IG/Snap stories, etc. 

Until the next post, 

With love and support,


Relatable + Empathetic (2019)

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