Being the Bigger Person

Hello Reader! I hope you’re doing amazing today. Happy Tuesday. Taco Tuesday!… I’m not having any tacos today but hopefully you are + a margarita 😛 In my last post, I sent you all off with some good vibes into the weekend and hopefully it was ALL good vibes. 

I had a great weekend with Tony. We hung out with friends, did our usual errands, worked out a ton, ate great food, relaxed; we even got to take a nap. It rarely happens nowadays but when it does, it feels oh so good. I wanted to share a story with guys that happened over the weekend to see if you have any thoughts and feelings on it.

As I said, I wanted all good vibes this weekend for myself and for you but unfortunately, Tony and I ran into a dent. A “dent” being it hit hard enough to want to talk about it and share with all of you but not enough to have it ruin our weekend. 

So here we go: In trying to be efficient with our weekend chores, instead of Tony and I trying to do two loads of laundry at a time in our complex’s laundry room, we decided we’d go to the laundromat and knock out our normal seven loads. Yes, we have seven loads 😛 We threw our clothes into the washer and let it run for about 20-25 mins. After that was done, we threw our clothes into the dryer for about 45 mins. 

Meanwhile, we were able to leave get our groceries, dropped them off at home and come back in time for our clothes. Be mindful, Vons, the laundromat, and our house are all on the same street and in the span of 5-7 mins within each other. When we came back to the laundromat, we pulled up behind this lady who was putting something in the back of car and she looked kind of suspect but not enough to think too much of it. When we walked in to get our loads, Tony noticed that our cleaning towels were missing and someone’s clothes were already in the dryer. 

So I’m looking around on the counters to see if anyone had took them out and just left it for us. Nope, nothing of that sort. Tony walked around looking for the towels; on the counters and the trash. Nothing. He decided he’d go outside and look in that lady’s car we pulled up behind. No shame. That lady was actually standing inside and when she realized Tony was looking around for the towels, she headed out and I see Tony coming straight in and I hear him say “Is that your car? Can I get my towels?” 

Now Tony could tell you if I thought he was going to get buckwild, I would’ve stopped him but this wasn’t the case. He handled himself quite well with the situation and he stayed the bigger person. In talking with Tony after it happened, the lady definitely stole our towels and had the audacity to put it back on us. She said it shouldn’t have been left in the dryer for that long and that she used to work there and stuff gets stolen all the time. Tony stayed calm and even with good manner, still said thank you. 

For one, we didn’t leave it for a “long time” – we got back just in time to grab it but she had taken it out, threw it in her car, put her clothes in the dryer and had just the started the dryer machine. Two, even if it was left longer, that doesn’t make it okay to just steal someone else’s belongings. And three, if it was me, I would’ve ripped her a good one but I was glad that my man was the one handling the situation because he has better composure than me.

If it was the younger Jennifer facing that situation, I probably would’ve wished something bad upon her because karma is bitch and people deserve what they get coming to them. But that’s not me anymore. I think it was punishment enough that she had to go back in and wait for her clothes with humiliation in front Tony and I for another five (5) minutes. Fate works in many ways and karma will come back around. 

I commend Tony for being the bigger person. Even though it was a petty situation, he made light of it by saying to me “Tony doesn’t get robbed,” and I couldn’t help but laugh.

It was a such an amazing weekend despite the situation we encountered. Our good times outweigh that one bad time. I hope that when you find yourself in this kind of situation when someone is being petty or gets salty; you will also be the bigger person. For some of us, like myself, it could be something we are still learning to do and adapt to. Be the bigger person when you can and realize some situations are just not worth the words and/or throwing a fist. Make light of a petty situation because you are better than that. People who do wrong will get what’s coming to them without you having to throw anything their way.

Other than that, I hope you had a great weekend and thank you taking the time to read over this blog post. If you want to hear the story told live, Nothing to Lose Podcast will be releasing the next episode (Episode 39) with guest Mayra Alcaraz in a few days. You’ll be able to hear Tony tell the story from his perspective (

I will also be posting in a few days. Maybe closer to the weekend. We have a lot going on this weekend as Tony’s birthday is three (3) days away and he’s running Spartan this weekend. Don’t forget to wish him a Happy Birthday if you follow him.

Until the next post, 

With love and support,


Relatable + Empathetic (2019)

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