Being Tony

Happy Monday Reader! It’s been almost a week since I wrote my last post which many of you read and had some comments to say about the kooky laundry lady! I appreciate all those comments and compliments given to Tony. We can all agree – she’s… kooky! No better way to say it.

I suppose you could say that this more of a recap of this past weekend + a dedication post if anything. 

This past weekend was filled with a lot of celebration as many of you may have seen from my IG. I celebrated my besterest friend/boyfriend/soulmate’s birthday. He turned 27 and couldn’t be more amazing. I want to say thank you to everyone who showed up for Tony’s surprise birthday dinner at Common Theory. I’m really grateful and I know he was too. For those who couldn’t make it or stay for longer, you were there in spirit with us all the way into the night. And we’re just grateful to have you all in our lives. 

I just want to make a point here: I didn’t surprise Tony… again… for the third year in a row. I thought I got him this time but I didn’t. So Tony… YOU SUCK. I’m not doing this anymore. I’ll just let Joey W. and Brendan kidnap you next year 😛 Jk. 

We had a lovely dinner with his family on Friday night for his birthday. I enjoy being in their presence as I don’t have much of a family myself so anytime we’re together, it’s a blessing. On Saturday night, I took Tony out to dinner at Cloak + Petals. If you haven’t seen it, yelp it – it’s a super cute Japanese bar in Little Italy. We got some sushi rolls and their a little pricey but I actually thought they were worth the money let us alone Tony is worth anything to me. The ambiance is really nice. Definitely recommend for any special event or “just to try it.”

Both Saturday and Sunday, Tony had to go up to Chino for the Spartan race. I joined him on Sunday to watch him and be supportive. I’m very proud of him thus far for achieving and continuing to achieve his athletic goals. What better way to celebrate turning 27 with his family, close friends, and completing Spartan this weekend. 

I celebrate Tony every day – whether I say it aloud to him or just keeping it inside. I am forever his cheerleader. If you follow Tony at all, you would know that this kid wakes up at 3:30 in the morning and goes to the gym, works the normal Mon-Fri job, does podcasting, train for Spartans and Half Marathons, tries new sports and/or activities, makes time for his family and friends, etc. He does a lot and he stays very consistent which I love. I’ve been told by many friends that they couldn’t do what Tony does. 

I appreciate all he has done for himself and for me and for everyone in his life. He deserves to hear it more than anything. As I have said, I’m very proud of him and I’ll always be there to support him.

With that being said, if there’s someone you love very much and/or you admire what they do, what they can do, etc – celebrate them; give them a shoutout. It doesn’t necessarily have to be their birthday or even being a boyfriend or girlfriend, it can also be your parents, your siblings, or your coworkers. They should hear it. I’ve written a couple of posts about this already and I’m still encouraging it. We should embrace the people who matter in our lives and mean a lot to us. Celebrate them and celebrate having them your life.

Until the next post,

With love and support,


Relatable + Empathetic (2019)

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