Being A Writer

Good Morning Beautiful People 😊 Happy Monday. I hope you’re staying warm and dry today. I hope you had a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday even though the game was really boring; hope you ate and drank good and spent time with family and friends.

It is a new month and I wanted to take the time to say “thank you” to all of you who have been reading my blog and showing your utmost support. I really love and appreciate every one of you. In looking at my stats for this last month, my blog had more views than I anticipated and was surprised to find that many people were interested in reading. So thank you again ❤️

When I was first started this blog, I did it more in part to my audience; hoping you would enjoy my stories, experiences, etc. because they may relatable to you in some way. I wanted to bring a sense of, “I understand you; we feel the same way; you are not alone.”

The other part of me chose to be a blogger because I love writing. When I was in 7th grade, I had to write a series of realistic fiction stories as a part of my curriculum for English Lit. It was then I discovered I wanted to someday be a creative writer. It was my niche I suppose you could say. As I got older, the real world became more expensive and like many, in order to survive in this world, you had have a decent paying job/career to live. Or at least we’ve been told. 

I’m not saying creative writers or even writers in general don’t make good pay. I say it may be a harder field to break into than we think or some may not know where to start. And not all writers or journalists are the same. Some want to write about fashion, some want to write for magazines, newspapers; some want to write novels, etc. It just depends on the person and their form of writing. 

At this moment in my life, I think I’m giving myself an opportunity to do what I once loved and still love but haven’t had a chance to do. I’m giving myself a chance to explore my creative side rather than my practical side. All I’ve ever known growing up was something practical. Jobs that pay the bills and survive. Don’t get me wrong. I definitely still need that kind of a job but I don’t want to have to do that forever. Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

Thriving and surviving is what I know best but that all comes to the mind. Being able to do what interests me the most is at the tug of my heart: being a writer.

I had a vision not too long ago about my passion for writing but I’m not ready to share it just yet. I want to leave you all on this note though: no matter where you are in life, never stop doing what interests you the most. Listen to your heart. We become so comfortable living a practical lifestyle and in midst of it, we sometimes forget that we are just living paycheck to paycheck.

My wish for you, Reader, is that you won’t have to live this way forever. I want you to be able to succeed in doing what you love rather than something that “just pays the bills.” And if you haven’t found it yet, I hope that you do because it could be the most rewarding thing that has ever happened to your life. 

As for me, I’m going to be right here, on this blog, still writing for you and myself. Hoping you continue to read and enjoy stories and experiences.

Until the next post,

With love and support,


Relatable + Empathetic (2019)

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