Being Homesick

Happy Tuesday Reader. Happy Lunar New Year to all my Vietnamese and Chinese friends/readers. I wish all of you good health, wealth, and happiness for this year. 

My Dad (Lunar New Years 2017)

I just wanted to take a brief moment to write my thoughts and feelings down. This is the first year I’m not with my folks to celebrate New Years and it puts me in tears and saddens my heart. I may be a little homesick. Lunar New Years was one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with my family when I was younger. 

As I got older and started drifting from my family, Lunar New Years became more of looking at myself and being thankful I get to carry onto the next year. I wish prosperity among all family and friends despite the distance we may have from each other. 

I remember waking up on New Years day and the house would be filled with the aroma of Vietnamese cooking; whether it was my mom or my dad – the smell meant it was a special day. My parents and I would get ready to go to Temple in the morning with my grandmother and I would get to see my aunts, uncles and cousins and eat yummy food. It felt like a real home.

Eventually my family was broken and New Years felt harder to celebrate. I’m very blessed and fortunate to be living and that should be enough. I’m thankful that I still have my Dad whom I can talk to about anything and everything. I wish him the utmost love, happiness, and wealth for this year. He deserves nothing but the best.

I pray to my grandmother who has watched over us, helping us carry on in life even with the many struggles we’ve been through. 

My heart is filled with love for all my family members regardless of has happened. I’ll always celebrate New Years as a time to reflect on what I had, what I’m still grateful for, and what is to come. 

May you all have a prosperous year. May you spend time with your family and friends and eat amazing traditional food. May this year be filled with wealth and happiness.

Until the next post,

With love and support,


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