Being Aware of What Your Body is Telling You (Intuitive)

Happy Hump Day Everyone! *insert my favorite camel* HUMMMP DAYYY! 🙂

I have had a rough last few days. If you read my last post, you may recall me briefly mentioning what I did over the weekend. I went out to a buffet for dinner on Saturday night with Tony and our friend Joe. And as I mentioned, it was salty as fuck and I said that I felt completely gross after. Well, I didn’t expect that gross feeling to stay longer… or maybe I did. 

I, unfortunately caught food poisoning from eating at this buffet. This is first time ever in my 26 years of living I have ever caught food poisoning. I am feeling a bit better today as my stomach is now growling in hunger rather than the bubbles, trying to digest and fight whatever bacteria there was.

Today’s post is about listening to your body and your intuition. I would say I probably should’ve made better eating choices this weekend because I have had to pay the price for it in the last few days. 

On Saturday, our friend Joe came over and we were talking about where we wanted to go for dinner. Joe wanted to eat fatty buffet food and I kind of sort of wanted to also. He found a place down in National City called “China Super Buffet” and it was $12.99 for all you can eat. Of course, my butt kind of puckered hearing that price for an “all you can eat.” It just rings fire alarms.

But I’m like “what the hey?” Why not? Because we don’t have to pay a ton for all you can eat and you’d get about three-four plates worth and likely to be full because of the saltiness. So, we agreed to go. Yeah boy… it was definitely salty and I couldn’t have any more than three plates plus dessert which was completely dried out. It was good for those first ten minutes and then I was completely over it.

We came home and I was stuffed but to be honest, I didn’t even eat that much. The saltiness was just heavy as hell. I woke up Sunday morning and Tony and I went to the gym and I was explaining to him that even though I’ve workout for three hours, I still wasn’t hungry. I burned 1200 calories so I was hella ready to eat but I had no appetite. 

I planned on going to the coffee shop to study that day. So, we came home and showered. I ate a small bowl of noodles I made the night before just in case I get hungry later on. We headed out and Tony dropped me off at the coffee shop.

I had one cup of chai latte. I studied at Copa Vida, just f.y.i. if you’re a coffee lover and you haven’t tried; I definitely recommend it. And maybe a couple of hours in, my stomach was gurgling and I didn’t want to think much of it so I didn’t. Mind you, I don’t listen to my body very often so me ignoring the fact it was gurgling, is normal. 

Tony picked me up, we stopped by my Dad’s and we were going to head home. I asked if he was hungry and in response, he asked me if I was hungry. I truthfully wasn’t hungry but I thought maybe by the time I got home, I would’ve wanted something to eat so we went and picked up some food from Whole Foods for dinner.

It was nearly 4p.m. at this point when we were eating. I got full fast. I was probably half way through my meal and at that point, I was forcing myself to eat because I didn’t want to save it. I think being full should’ve been a sign for me. I didn’t have anything else to eat that night.

Come Monday morning, I had a Monster, greek yogurt, banana, and my lunch by 1 p.m. and all of sudden, I felt really crappy. My stomach was hurting and I automatically thought, “I don’t think I’ve digested since Saturday from the buffet” and eating in the last couple days probably made it worse.

I went home, I picked up ginger ale and Alka Seltzer and literally got on my couch. I did not want any food. Tony and Joey got done with their podcast and it was probably 8:30 when Tony asked if I wanted anything from Jack in the Box. I wasn’t really hungry but I said I should probably eat. So I had two tacos.

That night… I barely got sleep. I woke up maybe every hour because my stomach was out of control.

It’s funny because I had written two goals this week. I was looking to hit a certain amount of pounds and having a calorie deficit. I thought to myself that morning, “I’m going to have no problem hitting my goals.” 😛

I went to work yesterday completely exhausted… still didn’t want to eat. I had oatmeal, banana, more alka seltzer. I just wasn’t hungry and it was the worst feeling ever. My stomach was not having it. Upset, I was telling Tony that I just wanted to be able to eat normally again and have real food.

So I went to bed early last night with my stomach hurting but I managed to fall asleep because I was so exhausted from the night before. When Tony woke up this morning, my body slightly woke up and my stomach finally growled in hunger. I finally felt hunger! And I couldn’t be more thankful in that moment.

I woke up in a better mood this morning. I was ready to get back to the gym. I was ready to have normal food. I ordered Hello Fresh for this week and I was like “Dammit! I need to get better. I want to cook and eat these delicious burgers from Hello Fresh!” So luckily, my body is doing much better today.

My best advice in almost any situation is to listen to your body and be intuitive about it. If you’re like me, you like to ignore what your body tells you sometimes because you’re a go-getter and you don’t let shit like this stop you from hustling and bustling through your day, your job, your routine, etc. 

But man, it was painful and I am taking more caution when it comes to listening to what my body is telling me to do. Rest. I just need rest. I am should be more aware what I’m eating especially going to a buffet.

Unfortunately, Joe actually ended up getting sick like I did. So I have this theory that Joe and I ate something Tony didn’t eat and that’s why he didn’t get sick. I also thought to look up the buffet on Yelp. And in shock, I found a review from this past weekend. The guy who wrote this review, wrote it on Saturday… the same day we went. And the next day, he updated his review saying that him and his family got extreme food poisoning from eating the day before. AND IT JUST CONFIRMED IT FOR ME.

I don’t recommend going to that buffet in that particular location. Maybe it’s better elsewhere. I definitely recommend spending more than $20 on a buffet for the quality 😛 Because damn, I had a difficult time. I would never even wish what I was feeling on my worst enemy.

I just want to thank Tony for being there for me and taking care of me as much as he could. I always appreciate his love and comfort.

Listen to your bodies! Be intuitive. If you have an abnormal symptom coming on, just take a moment to listen. That sore throat, the uncontrollable sneezing, your body aching, your tummy being upset, soreness of any sort – just listen. Rest is good. I’m learning slowly. And of course, trust your instincts. As I mentioned in the beginning, I heard $12.99 and my butt puckered… So that should’ve been a sign to say “Hey… Maybe we should try something else.” 

That was my weekend leading into this week. I’m so glad I’m doing much better today and fuck, I can’t wait to eat this burger tonight for dinner. I can’t wait to get my ass to gym! I’m so thankful my stomach is actually growling for food. It’s the simple things.

Thank you for taking a moment to read about my weekend. Hopefully I didn’t gross you out. But take my advice, expensive buffets all the way! Listen to your body, nourish it, and be intuitive.

Until the next post,

With love and support,


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