Being a Dessert Lover

Hi Reader! Thanks for coming back to my blog! I hope you’re having an amazing weekend so far.

I actually just got home from dinner. I went out to B Dubs with Tony, Joe and our friend Truc. I was hella craving wings plus it’s March Madness! Come on, wings and ball go together!

On top of having a wings craving, I’m also having a dessert craving. There are some people who have dinner and don’t have room for dessert and there are others who either save room dessert or have a second stomach for dessert.

In my case, I have a second stomach for dessert! However, in part to my new fitness journey, I’ve been cutting down on sugar as much as I can. Sugar and I have this love/hate relationship. I absolutely love sweets and how it makes me feel but I hate it because of how it makes me look.

Unfortunately, the reason for my weight gain over the last few years is due to my high intake of sugar. I also have a bad facial breakout when I have an excessive amount sugar. “Excessive” being a tablespoon of sugar. Yes, it’s that bad. Does sugar cause bad acne for you? Are you a sweets person like me?

As I mentioned, I’ve been reducing my sugar intake as much I can. In part to doing so though, I have dessert cravings like a mother trucker. I just want to share a short list with you of what I’ve been craving lately:

(1) Warm Apple Crisp from Cheesecake Factory

(2) Root Beer Float (I’m gonna fulfill this craving this week! Just bought vanilla ice cream).

(3) Butterfinger Candy Bar

(4) Cookies… Any kind.

(5) An original glazed donut for Krispy Kreme

I suppose this list could be much worse. I will say one thing though: I’m not giving into my sweet cravings as quickly as I would’ve maybe a year ago. I’m still holding back for my own personal health reasons.

Someone is likely to hear me say “I want this…” or “I want that…” but I can’t bring myself to go out and get it. Do you ever get like this or is it just me?

If you’ve had a delicious yummy dessert today, good for you! I’m jealous! If you’re gonna have sweets any time this weekend, man… have another one for me, would ya? 😛

What is your favorite dessert? When was the last time you had it? Share with me.

I hope you all continue to have an amazing weekend. Thanks for reading in on my current dessert feels. Hope I didn’t make you hungry 😛

Until the next post,

With love and support,


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