Being a Best Friend

Good Morning Reader! I hope the start of your week so far has been awesome! 🙂 If you’re just going back to work or school today, may your day go by smooth and fast.

On today’s episode of Nothing to Lose Podcast, Tony, Joey, and Cam discussed the concept of “friendship” versus “best friend.” Unfortunately, I was not there in the “audience” to share my thoughts aloud 😛 So for today’s post, I would like piggyback and share my thoughts on what defines a best friend.

As Joey asked on the Podcast “is there such thing as a “best friend?” “Is it possible to have more than one best friend?” “Can we have more than one best friend?” “Does that define your ‘best man’ ‘your groomsmen’ ‘your maid of honor’ ‘bridesmaids’ all that bullshit?” 

If someone were to ask me if I had a best friend, only one person automatically comes to my mind. My best friend is Florence. This might be the first time I’ve introduced her in my blogs. So shoutout to her!

However, I do think there are levels to friendships. I do have a best friend but I also have a group of best girlfriends. Shoutout to Cathy and Panyia!

My best friend knows she is my best friend and if I’m meeting Joey’s criteria, I am also her best friend. Is she automatically my “maid of honor?” Yes, she is. And again, my best friend knows that. Florence has seen me through my ups and downs and was there to support me no matter what happened. I don’t talk to her everyday but when we get together, it’s like I just saw her yesterday. 

I can recall the first time I met Florence. It was during my freshman year of badminton. We were sitting right next to each other, stretching and we just started talking and we partnered up together for practice. I felt like I had an instant connection with her.

To be more mindful, I was alone at this time. My friends at the time distant themselves from me and had their own thing going for whatever reason. Maybe I annoyed them? Whatever the case may be. It may have been the biggest blessing because I found my actual best friend in this time of being alone.

Florence and I were roommates for a few years as well. We had some really great memories in the house together and we still reminisce on those times today. Now don’t get me wrong, we also had our down memories too. Yes, best friends can have disagreements as well. Nonetheless, our friendship means more than anything and we always found a way to work it all out.

My group of best girlfriends are composed of besties being friends with another pair of besties. Silly right? Florence and I are best friends and Panyia and Cathy are best friends and our group is composed of best friends 😛 

As far as my bridesmaids: I know who they will be in the future. These girls are composed of good friends I have made one-on-one connections with over the last several years. We connect on a meaningful level and they are always in my thoughts even when we don’t speak to each other everyday.

I think the older we get, the more we are able to determine who we consider and don’t consider friends. We know the difference between being acquaintances and being friends.

It’s possible to have more than one best friend but I do feel like some people do have that one person they know they could depend on and will be there when you need them the most.

Joey posed another question: “Can your significant other be your best friend?” Yes. I think they can but I think the keyword in that questions is more or less “significant other.” 

Shouldn’t your significant other be someone you chose to fall in love with because of the fact that you share an bond and they completely understand you or they try to? They’re the ones who want to want help better you for your benefit and not their’s. 

There’s an instant connection when it comes to your significant other and they could be your long-life partner; something relative to being a best friend which is why most people call their significant other their best friend.

I call Tony my besterest friend all the time and he is. I’m unafraid of the commitment we have to each other and the instant connection we created. We fought it; pretended like there was nothing there but… sometimes you just know.

The overall of concept of friendships ties into relationships and connections with the people you meet in life. Friendships can come on many levels. It just depends on how many levels you have created. 

What do you guys think? Can you have more than one best friend? Is your best friend automatically your “best man” or “maid of honor?”

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the new episode of Nothing to Lose Podcast, please visit: Listen to their thoughts on what defines a best friend and friendship overall. See if you agree with their opinions.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day. It’s Taco Tuesday! Go get some tacos and tequila. Take a shot for me as I will be in class tonight.

Until the next post,

With love and support,


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