Being in Love

*Knock knock… Monday has arrived! I hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday. I know I did. Tony and I went over to his parents for Easter dinner. I’m always appreciative that they open their home to me. They’re the greatest.

I wanted to start this week off with a positive note: being in love. Some of us are there and some of us are not. And that is okay. There’s a study that show we fall in love with three (3) people in our lifetime and each one for a specific reason.

The first love typically happens early in life. This the love you die for; it’s romantic and can be dramatic. This is the love that you think would last forever regardless of what challenges you have to face. This is the love you would do anything to save. You disregard your morals because you’re certain that this is what love really is until you grow up. This love makes you grow.

The second love makes you learn about yourself and the other person. You have someone by your side who you can trust and love but unfortunately you learn through heartache and dishonesty. In this love, both of you make mistakes and forgive. Quite often in the relationship, those mistakes and forgiveness repeats itself for years until you get tired. 

Eventually you give up no matter how much you’ve invested into the relationship. You wait for the happy ending but the ending always comes out worse than what you anticipated. The experience makes you stronger and humbles you. It has taught you that love doesn’t always have a happy ending.

Lastly – the third love. This love is the one that comes when you want it and expect it the least. This love comes out of the blue; you don’t ever see it coming. This is not a planned love but thats what makes it even more strong and passionate. This is the love that feels right. In all aspects, there’s a connection, the support, the way they make you smile. You don’t have to act in front of this person because they love you for who you are and that is enough. They accept all your flaws. You’re happy and you wouldn’t change a thing about them.

There is no happily ever after because at the end of the day, you’re happy just being with them. 

You’re lucky enough if this love has experienced the other two loves as well. They understand what heartache is and they have learned to try and fail. Their past relationships have made them fearless in love and in life. This is the love that doesn’t ask for hard work but it gives you everything you have always wanted. It’s a love that fits and stays forever.

Where do you think you are in the three? That may be a question you aren’t able to answer because you’re still living through the experience. 

I am forever grateful to have met my third love. This is a person I can’t wait to marry and have kids with. I can’t wait for all the experiences that life has to offer us. I am thankful for how understanding and patience he is with me. I think this kind of love is rare although we all get to experience it. I cherish it.

Love in any formality gives a sense joy and hope. And I want that for all of you. I hope you start off this week with smiles all around and love in your heart for the people in your life – could be your significant other, your family members, your coworkers, pets, etc. We don’t need a Hallmark holiday to express our love; just do it anyways.

Until the next post,

With love and support,


Relatable + Empathetic (2019)

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