Being Ready for a Vacation

TGIF! Happy Friday Reader! 🙂 Are you ready for the weekend? Today is officially the first day of summer. And of course, in true San Diego style, it rained last night 😛

I am excited to share that in less than a week, I will be in Vegas, sitting poolside with a cocktail in my hand, music popping off, and enjoying the sun. It is going to be so much fun! I’ll be with Tony and our friends. One big group, rachet behavior.

I am counting down the days till I get on that plane!

Speaking of vacations: today’s blog post is dedicated to knowing when to take a break.

When I first started working, all I did was work. I hardly ever asked for days off. I didn’t believe in taking sick days or vacation hours. My first job was working at the Cheesecake Factory. I could recall the two times I ever called out of work. The first time, I genuinely had a cold and it was during the winter where everyone in the restaurant was getting sick. The second time and last time I ever called out, I ended up having to go the emergency room because I had an extreme case of acid reflux. So in order for me to call out, I would’ve had to be feeling as if I was going to die.

When I switched from hospitality to an office environment, little did I know, I would be asking to take leave more than I thought. I started taking vacation hours here and there to get away on a trip. Typically they go through the weekend just so I didn’t have to eat up all my hours. Some of those times, I would still be worried about my work and whether my colleagues were actually taking care of it while I away. I know… I shouldn’t have been thinking about work to begin with but I couldn’t help it.

As I got older, I began embracing the time off. Every holiday was such a special treat to be away from work. Taking long vacations was the most refreshing thing I had ever done. The need to unwind and bring a sense a peace back to your mind and body is one of the most amazing feelings ever.

I’m coming off a long semester of finishing school and a year long of working and putting others before myself leading up to this vacation. A real get-away vacation. And the best part of it, is getting away with my loved ones.

My best advice for all of you: take a break when you need it. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in working, making money, paying bills – we never really get the chance to take a moment to ourselves. I encourage using vacation hours even if you don’t get away. Do a staycation or just sit at home for one day and just be bored, be mindless. Anything that would be good to your mind and body; do it.

It’s okay to take a break and unwind. It does only good to you.

Share your unwinding stories with me. I would love to hear about your long vacations after you decided you needed to take a break.

I hope you have an amazing weekend. Hopefully we’ll get a little bit of sun. I’m going to start putting outfits together for Vegas. Maybe I’ll post some in the middle of the week and show you guys.

Until the next post,

With love and support,


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