Being Quoted 003 (Being Loyal & Trustworthy)

Happy Wednesday Reader! I hope you were able to stay cool over this Labor Day weekend. As I continue blogging, a lot of these topics will make its way-back-around so to speak. You’ll see a few repeats here and there. I just want to reiterate that these topics come with experiences or just general thoughts that come to mind in the moment so hopefully you’re continuing to read with an open mind.

Today’s quote is: “Loyalty is not about who acts true to your face. It’s about who remains true behind your back.” I think this is a fairly common quote you see a lot of people would resonate with.

Being in my mid-20s, I’ve been paying closer attention to the people who I surround myself with. Of course you’ve read that I have a small group of friends. These are people who have been there for me and watched me grow as an individual. A lot of loyalty there, I could tell you that.

Loyalty plays a significant factor in relationship-building. I don’t just mean your personal relationship with your partner but also with friends, family, colleagues, etc.

For me, loyalty is a part of how long my relationships have lasted with the people in my life.

For many years, I found it struggling where I was the one to remain loyal but the other side couldn’t do the same. In some ways, loyalty could represent an “eye for an eye” right? “I wouldn’t go behind your back and ‘do that’ so I hope you wouldn’t do the same.”

My previous long-term relationship and my experience watching the closest people in my life have taught me how much of a loyal person I can be. So loyal that karma stayed on my side and it shined on how disloyal that person could be.

Disloyalty puts a bad taste in my mouth. I stay careful watching it unfold around me.

Being disloyal leads to breaking trust and breaking trust could lead to many negative outcomes. I hope to not have to meet these types of situations again but most would say you don’t really know loyalty when it meets the face; it’s usually behind your backs.

And that’s where trust comes in. What’s a relationship without trust? Not much to me. Right?

Has there ever been a time where someone has been disloyal to you and its led to a lot of mistrust? A partner? A family member? A close friend? Share your experience with me.

I would say it’s common to find that once someone has been disloyal, it stays on repeat for whatever reason. “They messed up once, they could do it again.” Does that sound about right?

I am firm believer in giving second chances but I don’t believe in being taken advantage of after so many chances have been given. The people who were once a part of my life are no longer there for these exact reasons.

Can you relate?

I am Jennifer. I am loyal person with a good heart. The people in my life who get to see and be a part of this would say I always got their back, my hand is always there, I empathize with them and I’m trustworthy.

And if you’re like me, you hope to never have to experience pain from someone who does not have your back, doesn’t have a hand out to you, unable to show remorse and breaks your trust.

You Reader, are worthy of people being loyal to you as so long as you can do the same in return. Am I right?

Hope you could relate this post and until the next one,

With love and support,


Relatable + Empathetic (2019)

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