Being Able to Live by the Things You Believe In

Happy Hump Day Readers! I hope you are doing well today.

Today I wanted to discuss being able to live by the things you believe in. You, as the Reader can relate to it however you’d like. What it means to me may not be what it means to you.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have noticed I have been reposting a lot of quotes out there: some pertaining to life, business, love, humor, etc. All in all, I’d say a lot of it presents positivity and enlightenment.

What I post or what I choose to put out there are things of interest and what I believe in. Now just because I believe in these things doesn’t necessarily mean I have been living by them entirely. I’m trying to live by these things but with trying, it comes with enduring life’s challenges.

Whether you recognize it from being online or just knowing me in person, I am “boss bitch.” I believe in that and I live by that but again it doesn’t mean I’m not facing challenges along the way to get to that point.

I hold my composure very well in business and in life itself. I maintain a professional demeanor and a personable attitude. But on the inside, I carry a heavy load of thoughts and emotions about what goes on in business and life. On the outside, anyone can keep their composure and portrayed things in ways that get misinterpreted all the time. On the inside, they may have a lot to bottle up: feeling sad, angry, lost, unloved, struggles, battles, etc.

Which always brings me back to practicing kindness and being empathetic. You just don’t know what people are truly going through.

On public forums, I display beliefs and encouragement for all but when I’m at home, I’m trying to get my shit together and I’m shoving my face into Tony’s chest, telling him I’m lost, stuck, feeling in a rut. I’m striving as much as I can to reach what I believe in.

We’re all designed differently. When you read a reposted quote on my story, you’re probably reading differently than I am. You relate it some part of your life that’s different than how I relate to it in my life. It’s a beautiful thing. When I get responses to those stories, I enjoy reading it from your perspective. I enjoy hearing how it makes you feel. I enjoy the connectedness we have from it. I also believe there’s a part of you that may not be living by it just like me but you strive as much as I do to get to it.

It doesn’t make either you or I a hypocrite or a fake. If we didn’t relate to such posts, we wouldn’t be posting it, right?

Again you don’t truly know what a person is experiencing until you reach out to them. So the next time you see me post: I’m either living by it or trying to live by it. And along the way, I’m meeting life’s challenges to help me towards those beliefs and I hope they’re helping you as well.

Let me know your thoughts. Again, I enjoy the responses.

Until the next post,

With love and support,


Relatable + Empathetic (2019)

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