Being Twenty-Six (26)

Happy Friday Readers! It’s been awhile since I last wrote. This will be a short one as I’m overwhelmed with a lot of emotions right now but I still wanted to share the thoughts going on in my head with you.

Today I am celebrating my last day of being twenty-six (26). I’m approaching 30 not too far from now. Last year, I was bummed out around my birthday because I crossed the hump of being 25 and my quarter-life crisis hit hard. This year, I’m celebrating another year of living.

If someone were to ask J.Tran, ten (10) years ago where she saw herself today, I would’ve said “probably not alive.” Actually… I did say something like that. I used to think I wouldn’t have made it to 30. But of course at the time, I was suicidal and going through a rough patch with my parents.

Now when I look at myself in the mirror, I remind myself that I am so blessed to be living. I managed to overcome the bullshit and cut many toxic people and things out of my life and it’s been for the better.

Readers… I can’t wait to make it into my 30s and celebrate more years to be alive! Alive to be with the love of my life, my best friends, and to watch my future kids grow up.

Throughout this last week, I have spent a lot of time reflecting how grateful I am to have food on the table and a roof over my head. I have my father to thank – teaching me that I don’t need a lot in life to live. Having the bare has taught me that it may not be a lot but it sure as hell more than a lot of people in this world have.

In honor of going into my 27th Birthday, I have donated to three (3) local non-profit organizations/charities:

(1) Feeding San Diego: I had a chance to volunteer this past year at Feeding San Diego with Tony and Cathy and it warmed my heart so much. I made a donation to help provide families with meals this coming Thanksgiving.
(2) Alzheimer’s Association (San Diego Chapter): Unfortunately, this year I did not participate in the Alzheimer’s Association Walk in honor of my mother. Obviously this organization hits home harder than any other. I gave back to this organization and I ask you the Readers to cherish having a mother who has always been there and can be there for you. My mother and I may have had a terrible relationship but I still love her.
(3) Alpha Project: is a local San Diego Non-Profit serving the homeless. Their motto is to empower individuals and families by providing work, recovery and support services who are motivated to change their lives. They provide the best tools to the homeless to help get them on their feet. Sometimes it just takes a little push from someone to help get you back on your feet.

I feel like I’m leaving 26 in a good place. I’m more motivated and hungry going into 27 and that’s the best I can do for myself.

I have many successes this past year including a better lifestyle, graduating with another degree, and moving into a new home. All for my memory book.

Now… I’m ready to fuck shit up turning 27. I’m going to be out celebrating the good life with a little turn up, some drinks, and my ass twerking!

Oh and most importantly… I’m doing it with the people who have love and supported me. They’re the real ones.

Thank you Readers for an amazing year… Thanks for continuing to follow me on my blogging journey. I really appreciate your support.

With that being said… 27, come at me bro! Let’s get it!

Until the next post,

Turning 27 tomorrow,


Relatable + Empathetic (2019)

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