Kissing 2019 Goodbye

Hello Readers! Thank you for taking a moment to come back here and read up on my last post of the year.

As the year begins to wind down and we’re cozying up for the holidays, I reflect on what an amazing year it has been and I absolutely look forward to what 2020 has in store for us!

I started this year off creating a blog for not only myself but for you the readers – giving you something to relate to or be more empathetic towards. And in that, I found myself reflecting over my past, present and future wholeheartedly.

It gave me a chance somewhat face some of my truths, my demons, and my greatest outcomes. Things that I always found hard to come to terms with. All was great but in 2020, I’ll be coming back with a refined blog. Next year, I hope that all of you will come along with me as you begin to read more about who I am, my interests and my overall lifestyle. #beingjtran isn’t just an alias that I use but it’s a lifestyle that I live.

Every part of me wanted to continue being on hiatus until we came to 2020 but I was brought back to write this last post courtesy of my close friend, Cathy.

This past Sunday, I gathered with my girlfriends, Flo, Cathy and Panyia to head up to Julian to get some good ol’ Apple pies and to do a little sightseeing. As planned, we wanted to do an early Christmas gift exchange after our Julian adventure as Cathy will be out of the country over the Christmas break.

I am so thankful for all the gifts I received from my girls. It was very meaningful. We’ve continue to get closer and closer. And I truly believe and have always believed we were going to have an everlasting bond.

But one gift in particular that touched my heart the most came from Cathy – my heat melted and I nearly wanted to break down into tears because it was just too much.

It was a journal with my name embedded into the leather, “beingjtran.” And inside the journal, she printed out a 4×6 of the interview that I did with SD Voyager.

In that moment, I was overwhelmed with how supportive my friends are. This blog is my baby. I have a greater purpose in doing this blog. And it’s so heartwarming to have such an amazing support team.

I have come so far but I couldn’t haven’t done it without my close loved ones. They are my core and I appreciate them so much.

I appreciate you as the Reader for continuing to come back here. What a year it has been and I’m so glad to say that it’s only the beginning.

Thank you so much for all your love and support. I can’t wait for you to see what’s to come.

Let me just say before I end this last blog post of the year: as I said, I took this last year to truly reflect on myself but trust me when I say, I’m still a regular person.

I still make human errors. I still make mistakes and I still apologize when I’m in the wrong. I still need to work on my self-confidence, my health, communicating better, trusting a little bit more, closing out those who don’t belong and being thankful for those who do. We all go through the uphills and downhills throughout our life and it only make us better.

Take these last few weeks of the year to be with your loved ones and celebrate the good and the bad over this last year. Bring in 2020 with a glass of champagne and sparklers and come at the new year with your head space clear and your arms wide open.

Let’s do this, shall we?

With love and support,

Happy Holidays,

From the last post of the year,


Relatable + Empathetic (2019)

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