Vietnamese Braised Pork Belly with Eggs

This weekend was filled with a lot of at-home cooking and restful time in front of the t.v. But of course, Tony and I both got our gyming done in the morning so we could relax for the rest of the day.

I decided to make Vietnamese Braised Pork Belly with Eggs or as my fellow Vietnamese friends (and even Chinese) know as “Thit Kho.” This dish is one of my favorites from my past time. Past time being my childhood. My mother cooked this dish weekly and I never got tired of it.

To be honest, I probably haven’t had this dish in almost eight (8) years. Not even at a restaurant.

This dish is not only one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes but it holds sentimental value because it reminds me of my mother and grandmother.

You can find this recipe anywhere online if you’d like to try.

I did not make this the tradition way however. I chose a more modern approach and I kid you not, it still turned out great. I chose to cook the pork belly, eggs, and sauce in a crock pot.

It slow cooked very nicely. The pork belly came out tender and I added the eggs towards the end for about an hour so it could soak up the sauce Needless to say, it turned out great.

This dish can be made in different ways with different ingredients – I think it just depends on how sweet you like your sauce. Some use sweeter soy sauces; some use sugar rocks; some use star anise; some use all of those but regardless what you use it turns out to be the same.

It’s that caramelized taste and aroma – it’s just amazing. Throw it on a bed of jasmine rice and you’re good to go.

I sent a photo of my dish to my Dad and he said it looked good and asked who taught me how to make it. For a brief moment, I was sad inside because I wish my mother or grandmother could’ve taught me how to make it in the more traditional way. Or maybe at least I could’ve asked.

I told my Dad with all the resources we have (recipes on the internet, YouTube, awesome cookware), I just taught myself. And the results still turn out the same. For me, there would’ve been even more sentimental value had I learned from my mom or grandma.

Overall, I enjoyed it and I was excited that Tony and I still had leftovers for lunch the next day!

I will definitely be making this again! Count on it!

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