Wanksta (50 Cent Throwback)

Song: Wanksta (2001)

This throwback is a classic! In light of myself and Tony being on our “Power” binge, I thought I would dedicate this throwback Thursday post to the “Power” executive producer himself, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. “Wanksta” is the very first single released and debuted by 50 Cent. It was also featured on Eminem’s 8-Mile Soundtrack.

When this song released, I can remember thinking “What a way to be creative. Mixing the words ‘wannabe gangsta.'” Can you imagine being eight (8) years old and just having that thought?

Needless to say, my eight (8) year old self loved that song. To this day, I still find this song to be my go-to-play 50 Cent song. And what made it even more juicy was speculation that this was a diss track, calling out Ja Rule. Remember that beef?

The “Ja Rule/50” beef will forever be nostalgia for many of us growing up with early-2000s hip hop. Although 50 did say that the song was not directed towards Ja Rule, he did say in an interview that Ja was a “wanksta.”

After Ja Rule’s debacle involving the FYRE Fest a few years ago, I felt this song and appreciated it even more.

And how can we forget when 50 Cent bought out 200-front row tickets to Ja Rule’s concert so they can be empty? What a troll, man! I died and the nostalgia just lived on.

Hit the play button on the video below and take yourselves back to those 8-Mile days.

50 Cent – Wanksta Courtesy 50 Cent, VEVO, (C) 2002 Shady Records/Interscope Records via YouTube

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