Top Five (5) Favorite Mascaras

A part of the “#beingjtran” lifestyles means you have a ton of mascaras tubes and more mascara tubes.

What can I say? When it comes to make-up, my absolute best friend is mascara. Most of the time, you won’t catch me with any eyeliner on like most girls but you will see my long lashes with the blackest black of mascara flaunting because why not? That’s my bestie!

In honor of National Lash Day yesterday (although this is for false lashes), I will be sharing my top five (5) favorite mascaras; no order in particular but mascaras that have done my eye-make-up-wearing justice. I will say though, I tend to only wear water-proof mascara. I have such asian eye lashes that I found wearing waterproof mascara help my eyelashes look voluminous.

Almay Multi-Benefit Eye Mascara 4-in-1 Formula (Waterproof): This mascara does the greatest if you have sensitive eyes. Not only do I wear contacts on a daily basis, I have crazy allergies sometimes and I find that this fits my sensitivity needs. The 4-in-1 formula maximizes volume, definition, length, and conditioning. The best way I can put this mascara formula is: flaunting care-free for those sensitive in the eyes.

The Falsies Push Up Angel Waterproof Mascara: If you’re like me, very much incapable of putting on false lashes because I have two left hands (just kidding) but wish to try false lashes, this is the mascara to use. I’m sometimes in denial about my long lashes that I tend to buy false lashes, attempt to put them on but then give up because I can’t seem to get it together. And get this – I buy natural looking lashes so it doesn’t even have a dramatic change. Pointless, right? Right. With this mascara, I give my lashes the “look” of having false lashes without actually having false lashes on. Perfectly length in curve, even more natural-looking, and it doesn’t clump.

Total Temptation Waterproof Volumizing Mascara: This is 1 of 2 go-to’s for giving my eye lashes some good ol’ volume. It gives my eye lashes the black and thickness that it deserves to bring out my big eyes.. even more than it already does. I tend to default to this one when I go out to the clubs or in more of a party/dark scene because people can still tell that I have mascara on which again, it’s best friend in the make up world so it’s important to be seen with it. It’s rather one of the popular mascaras among the inexpensive and affordable drug store mascaras.

L‘Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara: This is the second go-to for giving my eye lashes that amazing volume. My best friend in real life; not the make up world, uses this mascara as well. I didn’t know we both used this mascara until in recent years it was brought up. I actually got her a new tube as a part of her Christmas gift and coincidently she had been meaning to buy it. I used this mascara for a good year every single day; for work, school, and going out. It never let me down and it still hasn’t let me down. I just found there other mascaras suited to me for different occasions.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (Waterproof): I could recall a time when this mascara came out, everyone was raving about it. My best friend even told me about it because it came in her IPSY subscription bag and she too was on a hot one for awhile wearing this mascara; just the regular not the waterproof. I would say we both enjoyed wearing this mascara as well. This mascara became my weekend-going-out-to-dinners wear. I haven’t worn this one in awhile but if I had this one on hand, for sure I would put this in my rotation of mascara-wear.

Have you tried any of the ones I shared? Let me know what mascaras you enjoy the most and what works best for you.

Happy (late) National Lash Day! Bat those eye lashes for a real one!

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