Buying Your Bestie a Birthday Gift be like: “There’s No Room…”

Sit back and enjoy this story because I had a great time shaking my head and explaining to my Bestie how her air fryer became my air fryer and her instant pot became my instant pot too.

My Best Friend Florence (Flo) had to celebrate her birthday during this Pandemic. And I 100% knew what I was already going to get her. It was something she had been wanting for awhile but hadn’t bought it yet.

If you haven’t guessed it from my introduction paragraph, it was an air fryer. I’ve personally own an air fryer for over two years now and it was my favorite kitchen appliance purchase.

I wanted to get a head start on ordering her gift since Amazon was delaying their deliveries due to Covid-19. I reached out to Teng, her boyfriend asking how deliveries worked at their apartment complex. I considered ordering the air fryer with hopes it could be delivered by her birthday. I didn’t know if I was gonna be able to see her for her birthday so I thought it would be best to just send it to their place.

I changed my mind.

I had that day off from work so I texted her asking if I could stop by her work to drop of her birthday gift. She was cool with it. So instead I had the air fryer delivered straight to me. I purchased a really nice one; even I got low key jealous because mines was not fancy-digital-cool as the one I purchased for her.

Earlier in the week, I had texted our friend Cathy asking her what she had planned on getting Flo for her birthday and she said she ordered some Birkenstocks from Costco a couple of weeks prior but they hadn’t shown up yet.

Cathy considered getting her an air fryer as well but I had already purchased it. She had to think of something else should her shoes didn’t come in time.

Turns out, the shoes weren’t even in stock. So Cathy decided to get her a toaster oven. Can’t go wrong with a toaster oven!

Just one day before Flo’s Birthday, Cathy texted me asking if I had already given Flo her birthday gift. I responded, “No, I’m seeing her tomorrow. Why? Did this bitch buy an air fryer?” And Cathy responds, “OMG. Look at her story!”

I viewed her story and guess what guys… She had a picture of some salmon and veggies with the caption “Made salmon in the brand new air fryer…” I was deeply hurt and slightly bitter. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I decided that I was going to keep the brand new air fryer and just upgrade myself and I ended up giving my old one to my girl Panyia.

At that point, I considered just getting her pots and pans set. Can’t go wrong with that.

Later that night, I texted our group message, telling the girls about how there was a potato shortage due to COVID and to prevent wasting potatoes, Belgium was forcing their citizens to go out and buy fries daily. Can you believe that? I thought I was in the wrong country.

Flo then replies “I bought frozen garlic fries to try in my air fryer.” And although she didn’t know anything about her gift, I texted Cathy on the side jokingly saying that she was trying to rub it in my face.

It turns out that she did not buy the air fryer but that Teng bought it for her birthday! Of course, it was Teng! I should’ve known. This was actually the second year in a row that Teng bought the gift I had intended on giving her.

Cathy jokingly texted me saying “Watch! Teng got her a toaster oven too!”

She ends up mentioning that she planned on buying an instant pot after her rice cooker was done. I immediately texted the girls telling them I’m claiming the instant pot as a gift.

With that, I started doing more research on an instant pot. I heard it had such great reviews and can be used to cook many recipes.

I went to Target the next day, picked up one instant pot as a gift… and spontaneously bought one for myself.

So what started with one air fryer turned into two air dryers and two instant pots.

I treated myself in such a big way. I have no regrets. My bestie got what she wanted and I upgraded myself.

When I finally met with Flo to give her the gift and told her the whole debacle, she responds “Where I am I gonna put everything? There’s no room…”

She had a brand new air fryer, brand new instant pot, brand new toaster oven and no counter space whatsoever. Even that ain’t a great quarantine Birthday, I don’t know what is!

I can’t wait to share recipes with you guys using my air fryer and instant pot. Efficient cooking is what I live for especially with a new hours on a new job.


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