Watch Out Home Goods!

Are you excited for the Fall season as much I am? In other words, it’s Summer 2.0 in San Diego and we’re just hoping for that 70 degree weather where we can throw on sweaters and boots and act like we got some real seasons.

As Fall was approaching, I looked into purchasing Fall decor. A few weeks ago Tony and I went to Home Goods. I was hoping to find some good treasure.

The Fall and Halloween decorations were out and I was excited.

I saw a beautiful wreath. Very large, had pumpkins, acorns, a ton of ribbon – perfect for our door!

And then I asked Tony to look at the price. Guess how much it was?

$59.99 – it’s beautiful and all but not that beautiful! We kept looking around and it just seems like all the decor was around the same price.

All I could think in my head was “Why would I pay $40 to $50 for Fall decor that I could just make on my own for much less?”

Needless to say, I purchased no Fall decor that day.

I gave it a rest for a bit seeing as though Halloween has been cancelled and no one is even gonna see our decor.

But since we’ve hit Fall this week, I got in the spirit.

One of the things Momma Ruiz suggested was that I’d either go to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby to get a wreath and then go the Dollar Tree to get flowers and ribbons to make on my own.

I went the Dollar Tree and I got all the material I wanted to make my wreath. Maple leaves, pumpkins, ribbons, bells – loved it all.

And after an hour and a half of putting it together and singing throwbacks and musicals, I had a creation! I was a happy child.

Now guess how much that cost me to make?! – $8! Eight Dollars!

I saved a lot of money and it was fun. I always enjoy this time of year because it gives me a chance to get in my art bag and be creative.

Like “watch out Home Goods!” A creative bitch is in the house!

Have you started shopping for your Fall decor? Let me know if got any “good finds.”

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