Category: Throwbacks + Nostalgia

Wanksta (50 Cent Throwback)

Song: Wanksta (2001) This throwback is a classic! In light of myself and Tony being on our “Power” binge, I thought I would dedicate this throwback Thursday post to the “Power” executive producer himself, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. “Wanksta” is the very first single released and debuted by 50 Cent. It was also featured on…

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Slow It Down (Drake Throwback)

Song: Drake – Slow It Down (2009) This was probably one of the first songs that had drawn my attention to Drake. I thought his voice was absolutely unique. I discovered Drake’s “Slow It Down” as a underground RnB single. His flow, his tone and the vibe was on point. This song was also featured…

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