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Being on a Roller Coaster

What. Is. Up. Reader! I am finally back from my hiatus and I can’t wait to get back to writing. It has been a long three weeks of mixed emotions. If you read my last blog, you got a chance to view my very thoughts during graduation. It was real and in the moment. I…

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Being Financially Stable

Hello Reader and welcome back to my blog! Today, I want to touch on one of the most said to be “taboo” topics: money. Tony and I had a dose of reality this weekend where we were put in a situation in which we really had to sit an discuss financially where we are and…

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Being Self-Motivated

Hello Reader! Thank you coming back and continuing to read my posts. Today’s post may a little bit shorter than the usual. I just wanted to share some personal achievements that I have made over the last month or so. As many of you have had a chance to read my post about “Being Obsessed”…

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