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Slow It Down (Drake Throwback)

Song: Drake – Slow It Down (2009) This was probably one of the first songs that had drawn my attention to Drake. I thought his voice was absolutely unique. I discovered Drake’s “Slow It Down” as a underground RnB single. His flow, his tone and the vibe was on point. This song was also featured…

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Reintroducing #beingjtran

Readers! Happy New Years! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends. I am absolutely excited to come back to blogging. I am excited to share with you that the future of this blog will be expanding into new topics! Over this last year, I felt as though I took…

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Kissing 2019 Goodbye

Hello Readers! Thank you for taking a moment to come back here and read up on my last post of the year. As the year begins to wind down and we’re cozying up for the holidays, I reflect on what an amazing year it has been and I absolutely look forward to what 2020 has…

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